andhra chicken fry

Andhra Chicken Fry | Simple & Best Recipe for Beginners

Andhra chicken fry, also called as Kodi Vepudu is a spicy and delicious dry chicken dish. It is served as an appetizer or a side dish in Andhra/South Indian meal!

Since childhood, I have tasted many varities of chicken at friends place, relatives and restaurants. But one variety won my heart was at my aunt’s house. It was spicy, mouth-watering and burst of different flavors. When asked about it, aunt said it’s Andhra Chicken Fry.

As it instantly became my new favorite, I took the recipe and tried it all by myself. It was my learning stage of cooking, so there were few ups-and-down which was obvious.
The special masala tasted bitter.
The ingredients would turn dark in color.
Though its a fry, chicken pieces tasted as if boiled.
Chicken pieces did not cook properly.

Spoke to my aunt and made note of the detailed recipe. The details are mentioned in the pro tips section. Wanted to replicate the exact taste, so took few trials. This step by step of south indian chicken fry recipe has all the details you need.

Want to have a spicy chicken dish?
Are bored of regular chicken dishes?
Want to make something special on a weekend with ingredients available at home?
You have a guest/crowd for a meal and impress them?
Want to make chicken fry biryani?

This single recipe is solution to all the above questions.

andhra chicken fry
Kodi Vepudu

About Andhra Chicken Fry recipe

Andhra dishes are known for spicy and unique flavor. The delicious taste comes from a special masala or spice mix. Andhra chicken fry or Kodi vepudu is one of the best dishes of andhra cuisine.

This andhra chicken fry dish is a common dish that is prepared in most South Indian homes (Andhra to be specific). At home, it is commanly known as Kodi Vepudu. So, this spicy andhra chicken fry can probably have many variations — spices to make special masala, marination of chicken pieces, stir fry or deep fry, etc.

The recipe I will share is a easy and basic recipe with easily available ingredients. The taste will make you lick your fingers clean. If you like biryani, the chicken fry can be mixed with biryani/basmati rice to get spicy andhra chicken fry biryani.

The ingredients needed to make special masala are jeera/cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cinnamon/dalchini, cloves/laung, green cardamom/elachi and fennel seeds/saunf.

Bachelors who cannot make masala at home, can use readymade chicken masala powder. Recommended brands for Chicken Masala powder:
Everest-Chicken Masala
Tata Sampann Chicken Masala
MDH Chicken Masala
Catch Chicken Masala
Badshah Chicken Masala

Andhra chicken fry is served as a side dish with basmati rice or bagara rice or steamed rice and tomato or pepper rasam. Rasam helps in digestion, will share the recipe soon in my blog.

Though it’s fry, kodi vepudu has enough masala coating the chicken pieces that you can dig in with your rotis or mix with rice. If made with boneless chicken, can use to make wrap or sandwich too.

How to cook chicken properly:

For Kodi vepudu, I prefer to use chicken with bones as it tastes the best compared to boneless. Cook for atleast 10-15 minutes on low heat in a covered pan before adding the masala.

If you use boneless chicken, it takes less time to cook. So, adjust the cooking time. This south indian chicken fry is cooked without adding water. Try to cook chicken its own juice and oil steam. If needed, add little water.

Please refer the step by step instructions for south indian chicken fry to get a better understanding.

Pro tips to make Andhra Chicken Fry

Wash the chicken pieces well. If time permits, you can soak the chicken pieces in salt water for atleast 30 mins. This step makes the chicken pieces tender.

Drain the water completely. If there is water, when pieces are added to the kadai, it will drop the temperature of the vessel and chicken pieces will taste as if boiled.

Sear the chicken pieces well on high heat only till the top layer of chicken starts to change color.

Chicken pieces will release water which will be enough for the pieces to cook. So, there is no need for extra water.

I recommend to use a thick bottom vessel. Also, it should not be non-stick.

Do not overload the vessel. Chicken pieces will sear better if every piece touch bottom of the vessel.

An indication that the dish is almost ready, the masala sticks to the bottom. The masala gets a distinct taste. Scrape with a steel spatula.

If you want to make your weekend meal special, give this south indian chicken fry recipe a try, for a taste like never before! This mouth-watering south indian chicken fry recipe that will be loved by all and become new favorite!

If you have guests coming in later and want to mesmerize them with something special in less time, this spicy andhra chicken fry recipe will be your savior and the guests will surely appreciate it.

INGREDIENTS for special masala

2tbspn coriander seeds
1 inch cinnamon
4-6 cloves
3 green cardamon
1/2 tsp Jeera
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp whole peppercorns

Other ingredients
500 gms Chicken
3-4 tbspn Oil
1 tspn Cumin seeds
2 medium Onions finely chopped
2 tbspn Ginger Garlic paste
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1-2 tbspn Red chilli powder
1 tbspn Coriander powder
1 tspn Garam Masala
1 sprig Curry leaves
2-4 Green chilies slit
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
1 Lemon optional

Step by step instruction to make Andhra Chicken Fry at home:

Dry roast spices mentioned above on low flame until aromatic. Let it cool completely and grind to a fine powder.

Heat oil in a kadhai and add oil. When hot, add jeera/cumin seeds and let them crackle. Now, add finely chopped onions and fry on medium flame, till they change color. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute till the raw smell goes away.

Add turmeric powder and salt, saute for 5 seconds. Add washed chicken pieces. On high flame fry for about 5 minutes, till the top layer of chicken pieces change color. This process is also called as bhuno.

Now, cover the kadhai and cook on low flame for 5minutes. Remove the lid, give a mix, and again cover & cook on low heat for another 5 mins. Repeat the process till the pieces are cooked (can take 15-20mins or more). Dry up any excess water, cook on high heat till water evaporates and oil oozes out at the sides of kadai. Now add, red chilly powder, coriander powder, salt if needed, and garam masala. Fry well.

Next, add green chilies (optional) and few curry leaves. Give a good mix and continue to fry for another minute to coat the chicken well. Lastly, add chopped coriander leaves and turn off the flame. Delicious and spicy Andhra Chicken Fry is ready to serve.

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